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Mini Rechargeable Receiver

The Mini Rechargeable has all the features of the Micro and much more!
The Mini Rechargeable receiver is rechargeable and designed to contain “tiny pets” weighing 1 to 10 pounds.

This receiver is waterproof provided it was not damaged or abused.

The safe mode feature shuts the receiver down 20 seconds after it has been activated. The receiver will reset itself once it has been removed from the signal field for 16 seconds. This feature assures that your pet will not be continuously stimulated if accidently caught in the signal field.


The green LED blinks every 8 seconds while the unit is operating and the battery has sufficient operating voltage. When the battery voltage drops below a preset limit, the red LED blinks every 8 seconds. The red LED blinks until the battery is fully exhausted. The receiver operates normally even when the battery voltage is low. If the red LED blinks or there is no green LED blink, the battery should be charged.

Charging Battery

When unit is connected to the AC/DC adapter and the battery is charging a steady red LED is on. When the battery is fully charged, the LED changes to a steady green indicating charging is complete. Charging time is 3 hours for a fully drained battery. The battery can be charged at any time and can remain connected to the charger indefinitely with no damage to the battery. When the AC/DC adapter is disconnected from the receiver, the LED flashes red and green and two short beeps indicate that normal operation had resumed.

The Mini Rechargeable has user friendly red and green LED indicators

  • Boundary signal detected indicator LED and buzzer
  • Safe Mode Operation Indicator LED
  • Correction active indicator LED and Buzzer-
  • Buzzer is mounted off the board for a loud tone
  • Rechargeable battery
  • On board charger
  • Charging in progress LED indicator
  • Charge complete LED indicator
  • Battery good LED indicator
  • Battery low LED indicator
  • 30 day battery life between re-charging
  • Interference signal LED indicator


Dimensions: Width: 1 1/8” • Height: 1”
Length 1 3/4”
Material: Lexan/ABS
Probe Spacing: 1.125”
Weight: 1 oz.